The Elevated Woman: Heather Shellen

April 26, 2017 elevatedwomen 0

One of the most exciting additions to our speaker lineup at Elevate Women is Heather Shellen, a woman who’s on a mission to raise forward-thinking children in a seriously backwards-thinking world. Heather recently took up arms as an amateur activist, and will be sharing her amazing story of spontaneous involvement in the Women’s March on… Read more

The Elevated Woman: Kendall Burke

April 26, 2017 Uncategorized 0

Our good friend Kendall Burke needs little introduction in the Elevate circle: she’s hosted one of our London events and co-hosted our Philadelphia event, and is known for her wit and energy and trusty selfie-stick. Today we’re getting a bit more insight into what makes Kendall tick and why she’s been such a passionate supporter of the… Read more

The Elevated Woman: Megan Bigelow

April 18, 2017 elevatedwomen 0

We’re so thrilled to have Megan Bigelow on our advisory board! Not only is Megan a past Elevate Summit speaker, she’s also the President of Portland Women in Tech. Megan has brought amazing insight and encouragement to the table while we’ve planned this event and we’re so humbled to have her on board! What’s your day… Read more

The Elevated Woman: AJ Arms

April 17, 2017 elevatedwomen 0

Meet Amanda Joy Arms – 👑. Is there more we need to say? She’s a fearless supporter of women and an advocate for those affected by homelessness, and lives by the mantra “I shine best when helping build people up.” We’re so blessed to have Amanda as a supporter and contributor for Elevate Women! What’s your day job?… Read more

The Elevated Woman: Celina Zamora-Torres

April 17, 2017 elevatedwomen 0

What can we say about Celina Zamora-Torres other than WOW GIRL. Celina is a constant reminder that your story and experience are what define you – from the weird jobs to the bad situations, it’s all a valuable part of growth and essential to gaining wisdom. We’re so honored for her to tell her story… Read more

The Elevated Woman: Heidi Craun

April 11, 2017 elevatedwomen 0

Meet another one of our favorite inspiring, passionate, tenacious women: Heidi Craun. Heidi not only leads an amazing team doing really cool work, she’s also the co-founder and producer of Intermitten, a conference exploring creative and innovative entrepreneurship in Ann Arbor, MI. Plus she is one heck of a dancer (trust us, we have video!).… Read more

The Elevated Woman: Mercer Smith-Looper

April 11, 2017 elevatedwomen 0

Mercer has been a part of the Elevate community for years now, and has been a huge inspiration as we’ve designed and produced our women’s event. She’s a force of women’s empowerment throughout her entire life, whether it’s encouraging women to love their bodies and find strength through yoga practice, writing and speaking on self-care, and… Read more

The Elevated Woman: Sarah Hatter

April 11, 2017 elevatedwomen 0

Hey all! Meet our producer and main idea-maker, Sarah Hatter! She’s an author, public speaker, conference producer, and entrepreneur. Sarah’s well known in the tech industry for her work focusing on the importance of customer experience and brand strategy and for her efforts to bring professional development to the world of customer support. Sarah lives in Orange… Read more