The Elevated Woman: Kendall Burke

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The Elevated Woman: Kendall Burke

April 26, 2017 Uncategorized 0

Our good friend Kendall Burke needs little introduction in the Elevate circle: she’s hosted one of our London events and co-hosted our Philadelphia event, and is known for her wit and energy and trusty selfie-stick. Today we’re getting a bit more insight into what makes Kendall tick and why she’s been such a passionate supporter of the Elevate Women movement!

What’s your day job?

Customer Happiness Specialist at Acuity Scheduling

Why’d you choose to get involved in the Elevate Women’s Event?

It is 2017 and women are still being restricted, degraded, and hushed. Our bodies and our choices are governed, and our value is underestimated. We are still considered fairer, weaker, and more fragile. We are still fighting for equal rights and equal opportunities. Our thoughts and our words, though? Those are ours. And this event is an opportunity for us to share those. I chose to get involved in the Elevate Women’s Event because of you. I want to be inspired by you. I want to hear your voice. I want to feel your fury and fight your fight. I want to shake your hand and thank you for being you.

What was you biggest ah-ha moment as a woman?

My biggest a-ha moment came to me threefold:

1. I am not defined by my relationships.
2. I am as deserving of happiness as the people I try to make happy.
3. Time is valuable; don’t waste it on toxic humans, jobs, or situations.

What do you wish you could tell your younger self?

1. Listen to your mother.

2. You don’t need to play an instrument to stand on stage, and you don’t need a record deal to inspire people. Be kind to yourself and those around you, trust your intuition, and celebrate small victories; if you live your best life, the pieces will fall into place.