The Elevated Woman: Mercer Smith-Looper

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The Elevated Woman: Mercer Smith-Looper

April 11, 2017 elevatedwomen 0

Mercer has been a part of the Elevate community for years now, and has been a huge inspiration as we’ve designed and produced our women’s event. She’s a force of women’s empowerment throughout her entire life, whether it’s encouraging women to love their bodies and find strength through yoga practice, writing and speaking on self-care, and encouraging other new moms like herself to be kind to themselves while they’re figuring out the whole parenting thing. We love Mercer so much, and know you will, too!

What’s your day job?

Support Team Manager, Trello at Atlassian

Why’d you choose to get involved in the Elevate Women’s Event?

I feel strongly about women lifting other women up–especially in the professional sphere. There aren’t a lot of opportunities for all of us to get together and discuss what works, what doesn’t work, what we are working on. Elevate is opening up doors for us, in that sense.

What was you biggest ah-ha moment as a woman?

That I didn’t have to dumb myself down or change my personality to avoid intimidating the men around me, specifically for professional gain. If people are intimidated, it’s on them, not on you. Never compromise on what you know to be true just because others want you to.

What do you wish you could tell your younger self?

Love yourself! You’re inspiring and awesome. Trust your instincts. Also, that thing that you think is the end-All-be-All? It’s not. You’ve got much larger fish to fry.