a one-day story conference for 
ideamakers, dreamers,
doers, and leaders

August 25 in Sacramento, CA

Produced by CoSupport & The Urban Hive

This Year’s Theme: T R A N S F O R M A T I O N

When is it time to move on? How long should you take to recover? To grieve? How do you decide to leave a job, a relationship, a friendship? Where do you find a mentor?
What does transformation look like, what does it feel like, how do you recover from it, how do you prepare?

August 25, 2018

We’re brining the Elevate Women to Sacramento to take advantage of the amazing food scene, the great weather, and all those local wines. It’s just 2 hours from the Bay Area by car or train, and even has a fancy international airport!

Sacramento, CA

Our partners at The Urban Hive will be hosting us all day in their amazing coworking and gallery space. Our Mini Marketplace Happy Hour will feature local NorCal artists, jewelers, and crafters, all selling products with purpose.

Some of Our Amazing Speakers

We’ll be announcing more speakers soon, but you can bet each talk you’ll hear will be inspiring, emotional, instructional, and unique.


Founder of CoSupport & Elevate

Sarah has worked in tech for over 15 years, and has spent the last 8 years consulting companies on building amazing customer experiences. She’s proud of the platform she’s built with the Elevate events to give everyone a space to tell their story.


Founder of Haute Hope

Founder of Haute Hope, a socially conscious gifting studio, Jess spends her days working as Sr. Marketing Manager for the healthy grab & go restaurant start-up, EveryTable. She gets geeked over entrepreneurship and dope collaborations.


Designer, Studio Plumb

Rebecca is a multi-disciplinary designer and owner of Studio Plumb. She believes that design should reflect the people using it, whether its a home, commercial space or personal branding. Combining vintage classics with modern pieces and meaningful objects, she strives to bring personality and character to each of her projects. She’s also the founding host of CreativeMornings Sacramento and is inspired daily from both the local and global community she’s met there.


Head of Support at Appcues

Mercer is a tattooed toddler mama, support professional, independent businesswoman and yoga instructor. She currently works as Head of Support at Appcues, and loves nothing more than deep, emotional, connected conversation with peers and new friends.


Influencer and Public Figure


Founder of The Urban Hive


Director of Partner Support

Pooja considers her multicultural life and work experience one of her strengths. She has over 15 years of technical support experience, and has worked in five different countries across three continents. She is passionate about learning, becoming her best self in every aspect of her life, and helping others around her get to the next level.


Network Support Manager at Cisco Meraki

Amanda has her dream job with Cisco Meraki, looking after a team of Network Engineers. She balances her career with raising her two-year-old son and pursuing her lifelong goal of earning a degree. In her professional life, she is an advocate for women in tech, diversity, and inclusion.


Front End Engineer at Guru

Ivana Veliskova is a front-end engineer at Guru. After graduating from Boston University with a BA in International Relations, she realized that world peace was better suited as a Ben & Jerry’s ice cream flavor. She loves sharing her experiences and journey of becoming a developer just as much as she loves developing.

Brunch & Talks


We’ll kick off the day at 9am with a full hot brunch for all our attendees. If you can’t make it at 9, join us at 10:15 when the first ouf our 8 talks will kick off. (Yes, 8 talks sounds like a lot, but we’ll have sweet treats & coffee to pass the time!)

Sip & Shop


Right after talks wrap we’ll have a happy hour and a pop-up marketplace with some of our favorite local vendors. You’ll be able to sip on wines by Nasty Woman Wines, cider from our friends at Stir Cider, and pick up some amazing wares from vendors like Wild Poppy and Gold Feather!

Get ready for a full day of storytelling & inspiration


Whether building a business, raising a family, or navigating career shifts, women have unique experiences and wisdom to share. True leadership and growth comes when we share that wisdom with other women who need support and encouragement.


This one-day event will feature all female speakers sharing their stories of TRANSFORMATION. They’ll be sharing what it’s like to make big changes in their lives and how they rebounded, recovered, and reimagined their lives.  

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Sheraton Grand

Right in the heart of downtown & walking distance to the Capital gardens. Arnold Schwarzenegger lived here when he was the Governator.

Book the Sheraton Grand

Embassy Suites

The Embassy Suites is right on the riverfront in Old Sacramento and is within walking distance to lots of interesting local sights and fun historic restaurants.

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Kimpton Sawyer

This brand new hotel has a crazy rooftop bar, swanky decor, and a bowling alley in it. And it’s a 10 minute Lyft from the venue. They even have a bowling alley!

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Genuine community sparks mentorship & growth

Meet your new tribe

The women on stage will hail from companies committed to diversity in leadership. Our speakers will be mothers, daughters, CEOs, artists, and leaders, reflecting the varying roles that women take on everyday.

To keep this event intimate and allow for maximum networking, we’re limiting physical seats to just 100 attendees, but we’ll sell also sell live stream tickets so you can join virtually from anywhere on the planet.

This isn’t our first rodeo

Elevate Summit started as a platform of peer-to-peer learning for those working in customer support for the web. Our first event was in 2012 in San Francisco, and since then we’ve produced 22 events in cities like San Francisco, New York, Chicago, London,) Portland, Philadelphia, and Denver. We’ve showcased over 250 speakers on stage from companies like Google, Facebook, Etsy, Medium, Buzzfeed, as well as smaller software companies and universities.

All Female Speakers

Elevate events have traditionally featured 60% female speakers, and for the first time we’ll be making that 100%! All our speakers will be coached to speak on stage, even if they’ve never done it before.

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Encouraging Stories

We believe that everyone has a story to tell that can encourage or lead someone in the world. We’re dedicated to telling stories that will resonate with women no matter where they are in life.

Peer-to-Peer Learning

We’ve found that people learn best from people who are a reflection of their own lives. We focus on bringing peer leaders to the stage to empower and encourage in an accessible way.

Lasting Community

We don’t believe in mountaintop experiences, we build sustainable relationships. Our community exists to grow leaders and mentors.

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Our Past Speakers


Founder & CEO of CoSupport


Author and Host


Founder of the Yellow Conference


Artist & Founder of WE


Founder, KCWIT


Founder of Plucky


User Operations


Senior Customer Support Lead


User Groups Manager


Support Manager


President of Portland Women in Tech


Activist & Writer


Designer & Marketing Maven


Customer Experience Consultant

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